Conversation Confidence Guide Book by Leil Lowndes (PDF 8CD)


zxcDo you know how to make a great first impression? Whether you’re talking to a business associate… on the phone… or at a party, Leil Lowndes shows you how to exhibit great speaking skills. Always entertaining and informative, she explains the secret of small talk and communication skills – and how to go beyond it into deeper conversation. You’ll discover how to establish rapport with anyone, how to work a party like a politician works a convention hall floor, how to know if you’re making a good impression, or how to revive a faltering conversation. Here is a sampling of the skills you’ll acquire just by listening to these exciting and entertaining audio compact discs:
* Make an unforgettable first impression.
* Captivate anyone, anytime, anyplace.
* The secret of small talk.
* Transition from small talk to deeper talk.
* Sound like an insider in any crowd.
* Mega rewards for mega listening.
* Work a party like a politician works a room.
* Let your body do the talking.
* Reach out and touch everybody…by phone.
* The power of pizzazz in your conversation.
* The power of praise.
* The folly of flattery.
* Chewing up tough cookies.
* Different strokes for different folks.
* Play conversation hardball…and WIN!
* Advanced rapport establishing techniques.
* Talk with tigers and don’t get eaten alive!

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