The Japanese Stage-Step Course The Writing Practice Book, 297 Pages This Writing Practice Bookcontains information on hiragana, katakana, and kanji as part of the Japanese Stage-Step Course. It supports the study of Japanese organized in  Workbook 1and Workbook 2with background provided in the Grammar Textbook, and presents lessons for practicing the elements of the Japanese writing system in several steps, beginning with kana, proceeding to kanji, and giving space for practice and sample sentences using the characters
I discuss kanji in detail below, but will first say a few words about kana. This book is designed to teach the writing of hiragana, but with katakana the emphasis is on reading. Students should learn the words in katakana as they appear in the new vocabulary. While they should certainly learn how to write personally relevant words in katakana (such as their name, country, etc.), being able to read katakana has much wider practical use.
Learning to read and write kanji (logographs) is a challenge to learners of Japanese unless they are from countries where such characters are already used. For the majority of students who have not studied kanji before, however, unfortunately there is really no shortcut. It takes years for the Japanese themselves to become proficient, so it must be assumed that adult learners of Japanese will require even more time. This process needs to be carried out in an efficient way so that more kanji will be learned with a higher retention rate. For example, studying by rote without under -standing the system would be a waste of time and energy. It must also be understood that reading and writing kanji are two separate skills, both of which must be practiced in order to improve.

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