Oxford-Tune-In-Series-1-2-3-Learning-English-Through-Listening-Beginner-to-Intermediate-[Audio eBook] | DVD-Ngoai-Ngu | Tieng-Anh

Tune In develops listening skills and, introduces students to over 50 features of natural spoken English. Each lesson uses a step-by-step approach to teach students to understand what people say and how they say it. Students learn techniques such as how to check understanding, express uncertainty, and give polite negative answers. Easy-to-check material allows the teacher to focus on teaching rather than preparing.
Key features
– Easy-to-check material.
– Accessible and entertaining listen-and-learn audio.
– A variety of listening genres – from casual conversations to TV interviews.

Oxford-Tune-In-Series-1-2-3-Learning-English-Through-Listening-Beginner-to-Intermediate-[Audio eBook] | DVD-Ngoai-Ngu | Tieng-Anh.


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