Building Design Construction Magazine Digital Edition 2011 Collection


qq Building Design+Construction is a trade publication and Web site serving the information needs of designing, building, and owning firms in the non-residential construction industry. Established in 1950, Building Design+Construction is published 16 times per year. The four additional issues are Product Tabloids, published in February, May, August, and November. In 2010, former owner Reed Business Information sold the magazine to MB Media, who was acquired by SGC Horizon, LLC.
BD+C’s editorial focus was on the Building Team. Each issue provided the industry story on the process of how significant projects get built, from how Building Teams solve problems and deliver a project on time and on budget to the products and services that enable them to achieve their goals. Monthly departments included News, IT, On the Drawing Board (focused on projects in various stages of design/construction) New Projects Portfolio (focused on recently completed projects), Interior Solutions, Core and Shell solutions, and Building Technology. BD+C’s editorial content also included a focus on green building and on annual leadership recognition programs, including 40 under 40, Building Team Awards, Best Firms to Work for, Giants 300 report, and Renovation and Reconstruction Awards.
Log In and Learn was Building Design+Construction’s online educational platform dedicated to the education of architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners/developers. The eLearning content included courses offering AIA/CES continuing education credits, Webcasts, podcasts, white papers, and in-person events such as demonstration projects, roundtables, and association presentations. BD+C had won multiple industry awards for its print publication, associated annual white paper on sustainability, and its website. As of June 2011, total BPA circulation was 75,337 subscribers.

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