Oxford – Happy House 2 Activity Book New Edition by Stella Maidment


http://www.thuvienso.info Description:
English level: Beginner: A two-year course, starting with listening and speaking and introducing the written word in the second year.
Key features
* An effective, story-based methodology. * Songs, puzzles, colouring and drawing activities to involve students actively in learning. * A cross-curricular focus to develop learning skills across the curriculum. * Stickers to reinforce vocabulary in an enjoyable way. * Attractive new culture and festival pages. * Take-home English activities to encourage parental involvement. * Masks, puppets and storycards to extend story-telling activities. * iTools resource disk with digital classroom resources, worksheet builder, and test builder. * Teacher’s Resource Books with materials to support mixed-ability classes.
Product details
* Paperback: 72 pages
* Publisher: OUP Oxford; New edition edition (23 April 2009)
* Language: French
* ISBN-10: 0194730344
* ISBN-13: 978-0194730341
* Product Dimensions: 26.8 x 21.2 x 1 cm

Read more: http://www.thuvienso.info/index.php/component/thuvientructuyen/chitiet/xem/967/oxford-happy-house-2-activity-book-new-edition-by-stella-maidment#ixzz1yQ2UDh8H


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