Oxford – Get Set Go 3 Teacher’s Book by Cathy Lawday, 98 Pages


http://www.thuvienso.info Product Description:

English level: Beginner Ages: 6 years and over. A structural syllabus combined with child-centred activities. A beginners’ course for children learning English as a foreign language offering a traditional structural syllabus with emphasis on acquisition of grammatical structures and a wide vocabulary. The material is lively with stories

Key features

* New language presented in context. * A clear introduction to grammatical structures. * Child-centred practice activities. * Regular communication tasks. * Entertaining stories and characters. * It has a carefully graded, structural syllabus which provides steady progression in all four skills. * The emphasis on grammar and vocabulary acquisition is combined with many opportunities for lively communicative tasks. * New language is presented in context through picture stories and a variety of entertaining characters. Practice and reinforcement is provided by child-centred activities such as songs, rhymes, and games. * Colourful illustrations and photographs provide visual explanations and make the pages bright and attractive. * The clear presentation makes it suitable for use even in large classes. * The Get Set – Go! Alphabet Book is an optional component to accompany the series, which teaches children the Roman alphabet.

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