Oxford – Let’s Go 3 Student’s Book 3rd Edition by C. Hartzler (PDF 3CD)


This major new edition builds upon Let’s Go’s reputation for proven success in the classroom. The core syllabus has been developed through extensive teacher feedback. New and exciting support materials confirms Let’s Go as the leading teacher-friendly series available today.
Key features
*Improved through teacher feedback.
*More vocabulary work.
*More opportunities for review and recycling.
*New phonics activities.
*Updated material and a bright, new look.
*Revised syllabus for smoother progress across the levels.
*New support and choice, in class and at home.
*New CD-ROMs with the Student Books.
*New Phonics Workbooks with Audio CD.
*Skills Book with Audio CDs.
*New Readers series – 8 titles at each level.
*New lesson quizzes, unit tests, and review tests, mid-term exams, and final exams.
*New Let’s Begin level for beginning students.
*New online support.

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