Oxford – English Time 2 Workbook by Setsuko Toyama, 64 Pages


http://www.thuvienso.info English Time is six-level communicatve course  for children who are studying English for the first time. The series develops stdents’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing through activities that appeal to their curiosity and sense of fun. The syllabus progresses at a natural, steady pace amd offers students many oppgresses to practice new language. Three recurring characters -Ted, Annie, and Digger the dog-help maintain student interest and involvement throughout the series. English Time is preceded by the two-level introductory series Magic Time. These two seria can be used separately or as o­ne complete eight-level course.
With interactive illustrations, captivating stories and a wide variety of activities, English Time offers you great lessons around the clock. Each engaging illustration contains hidden objects for your students to find, so learning new language and grammar is exciting and fun. Plus, the wide variety of activities appeal to every child, no matter what their learning style. Use English Time on its own or combine it with Magic Time to create an appealing eight-level course.
Key features
* Uses multiple intelligence strategies
* New vocabulary is introduced through colourful full-page scenes
* Units’ themes provide a context for the language e.g. at home
* Short units build students’ confidence
* Wide range of exciting resources such as colourful Wall Charts and Storybooks
* Continuing characters maintain student interest and involvement
* Conversation Time creates ‘real-life’ communication

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