Macmillan – IELTS Foundation Study Skills with Answer keys (PDF CD) IELTS Foundation Study Skills is aimed at students in the IELTS band 4-5.5. The Listening section provides exercises to improve general listening skills as well as actual IELTS questions. The Writing questions have model answers and notes for the student giving advice on how to construct and improve their answers. Full length Reading texts and exercises practice the skills needed to find answers quickly and accurately. The Speaking questions are designed to help prepare for topics that occur in the exam.
IELTS Foundation Study Skills are easy-to-use self-study books for students aiming at IELTS band 4-6.  They provide clear and practical information on the IELTS exam and teach students and the skills they need to succeed in each general or academic module. Designed to be used independently or as a supplement to an EAP Advanced coursebook, this online course at CEFR level C1 offers high-quality resources for extra practice of EAP and the IELTS exam.
Product details
* Paperback: 160 pages
* Publisher: Macmillan Education (12 July 2004)
* Language English
* ISBN-10: 1405017228
* ISBN-13: 978-1405017220
* Product Dimensions: 27 x 21.4 x 1 cm

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