Longman – Word by Word Picture Dictionary 2nd Edition (PDF 8CD)


zxcWord by Word Picture Dictionary, Second Edition, by Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss, is the only truly communicative vocabulary developmentprogram! This is the new edition of the picture dictionary program famousworldwide for its ease-of-use, lively spirit, and active conversational approach. Bilingual editions of Word by Word Picture Dictionary, Second Edition, are also available: *English/Brazilian Portuguese*English/Chinese*English/Haitian Kreyol English/Japanese*English/Korean*English/Polish*English/Spanish Outstanding features of the new edition: *Vibrant illustrations and simple accessible lesson pages are designed for clarity and ease-of-use with learners at all levels. Word by Word is the most learner-friendly picture dictionary — especially for Beginners.*More than 4,000 words in an expanded range of topics prepare students for success using English in everyday life, in the community, in school, and at work.*A careful research-based sequence of lessons integrates students’ development of grammar and vocabulary skills through topics that begin with the immediate world of the student and progress to the world at large.* New lesson formats provide integrated context-based instruction with nouns and high-frequency verbs. Objects and actions that go together are learned together!*Expanded discussion questions encourage students to share their backgrounds, experiences, opinions, and creativity as they relate vocabulary and themes to their own lives.*A new Teacher’s Guide and Lesson Plannerwith CD-ROM in a colorful user-friendly format includes lesson planning suggestions, community tasks, weblinks for expanding vocabulary themes through the Internet, and reproducible masters to save teachers hours of lesson preparation time.*A unique choice of workbooks at Beginning and Intermediate levels offers flexible options to meet students’ needs: *Vocabulary Workbooks feature motivating vocabulary, grammar, and listening practice.*Standards-based LifeskillsWorkbooks provide competency-based activities and reading tied to national, state, and local curriculum frameworks. *A Literacy Workbookis also available.* The outstanding audio program includes all words and conversations for interactive practice, and — as bonus material — an expanded program of WordSongs for entertaining musical practice with the vocabulary.

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