Infotech English for Computer Users Student’s Book 3rd Edition (PDF CD)


‘It is user-friendly to both teachers and students and its clear layout, using both photos and graphics, will make it a very popular choice for those wishing to acquire what are now regarded by many to be mandatory skills for employees in almost every part of the workforce.’ TESOL Nov 1996 –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
Product Description
Infotech Third Edition is a comprehensive course for intermediate level learners who need to be able to use the English of computing for study and work. Thoroughly revised and updated to take into account the fast moving world of computers and multimedia, it does not, however, require a specialist knowledge of computers on either the part of the student or teacher. The 30 units are organized into seven thematically linked sections and cover a wide range of subjects. Key features of the student’s book include: – development of all four skills – a wide variety of tasks and styles of presentation to engage the learner – authentic reading texts from the world of computing – a systematic approach to language development – emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and word-building techniques – a comprehensive glossary of terms – grammar reference sections – new Internet activities on the Infotech Website for students to carry out. Infotech – English for computer users consists of: – Student’s Book – Teacher’s Book – Cassette – Audio CD – Website

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