Hot English Magazine 11 – Travel and Holidays Part 2 (PDF CD) Hello, and welcome to another issue of Hot English Magazine, the fun magazine for learning English. BIG NEWS – Hot English is becoming more exclusive than ever! As of July 2009, Hot English will only be available through subscriptions (it will no longer be in shops and kiosks). However, as a reward for all our loyal kiosk buyers, we’ve got some fantastic subscription deals you can take advantage of. But you’ve got to act quickly, because the low prices won’t last for long! For more information, see page 55 in the magazine, call (0034) 91 549 8523, e-mail or go to our website
Now, back to the current magazine. This issue began as the “ladies issue”, but has quickly turned into the “inspirational issue”. We’ve got Beyoncé, girl groups and powerful women in the world. However, we’ve also got a Scandinavian festival, typical US traditions and just the right amount of scandal in our other articles. We talk about Beyoncé’s new movie Obsessed, which is likely to scare you silly. And, we’ve got some controversy involving Miss California from the Miss America Pageant, gay marriage and a gossip columnist… that’s on page 4. But really, I felt very inspired by this issue, especially when I read Tina Turner’s story. She’s so amazing and has been through a lot in her life. And, she’s from Tennessee – like me! So, I hope you enjoy this month’s magazine, learn some English, and are  entertained! Also, if you have any suggestions/ ideas / praises / complaints, please contact me at

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