Hot English Magazine 10 – Travel and Holidays (PDF CD)

qq Hello, and welcome to another issue of Hot English Magazine, the fun magazine for learning English. This month is another exciting mixture of topics with something for everyone. Speaking of something for everyone, Star Trek XI is coming out this month. I was never the biggest fan of Star Trek or science fiction, but I must say, I’m really excited about this film. Since we decided to put Star Trek on the cover, I thought I should go on the internet and read all about it. (Confession: I even joined a Star Trek fan website.) The sources say this is the film to see even if you don’t know anything about science fiction. And, JJ Abrams directed it. He’s the same guy who directed the series Lost and the film Mission: Impossible III. To follow with the theme of exploring the great unknown, we’ve got a few articles about space and the planets, one science fiction festival and also two “out of this world” recipes.
One of my favourite articles this month (I can never pick an ultimate favourite) is the story about Mickey Rourke. This actor recently won an Oscar for his role in the film The Wrestler. Rourke reflects on his success, but mostly mentions how much his dogs helped him through the difficult periods in his life. It’s a really sweet story. It’s OK to get emotional! There are some other articles I really enjoy in this issue as well. I like the film script (this month, it’s from the show Will and Grace), the Dumb Laws page from Wisconsin (I was born there) and the article about Globish. What’s Globish? Well, just turn to page 40 and find out… So, have fun reading our latest issue, good luck with your English and we’ll see you next month!


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