Radio Control Car Action Magazine 2008 Full Collection Radio Control Car Action is dedicated to the radio control car modeling enthusiast. Feature articles and columns present technical and general information on building electric gas R/C cars, modifications, modeling equipment, major competition events, modeling personalities and products. How To articles and in-depth product evaluations are featured in every issue, along with beginner articles.
I subscribed to this magazine for a number of years in high school, and pick up issues of interest, such as their buyer’s guides, from the news stand every once in a while. Car Action is the premiere magazine in the RC Car category. Covering everything from the cutting edge, sponsored racers, to “Readers’ Rides”, this magazine will keep you up to date and fuel your passion for RC Cars. Even the advertising can be informative, as you get to see what is available in the market. Although I haven’t picked on up personally in sometime now, I have to make an old school recommendation to all RC Car enthusiasts. Pick up an issue of RC Car action, and see for yourself.

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