Paranormal Magazine 2010 Full Collection Paranormal Magazine is a glossy monthly magazine devoted to the subject of supernatural phenomena. It is published by Jazz Fashion Publishing Ltd in the UK and is sold throughout the English-speaking world. The periodical’s slogan is: “Exploring the world of the unexplained.”
An independently published magazine entitled Paranormal was first published in November 2005 under the editorship of Allison Jordan. This publication folded after 26 issues. A few months later the title was acquired by Jazz Fashion Publishing Ltd. Richard Holland took charge as editor for the new launch of Paranormal Magazine in August 2008. and the magazine was published first that month. This new incarnation moved away from the previous emphasis on spiritualism and its reliance on celebrity mediums and writers associated with TV ghost-hunting programs such as Most Haunted.
According to the publisher’s website, Paranormal Magazine has a circulation of 14,280 copies per month.
Jazz Publishing ceased publishing the magazine at the end of 2011 with issue number 56, since the beginning of 2011 it has been taken over by the Healings of Atlantis publishing group with the publication of issue number 57.

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