Stephanie Huckabee’s Power Fit Harmony Full 10 DVD (PDF AVI) Ten time-efficient workouts on ten DVDs plus three resistance bands. It’s a complementary series of programs uniquely designed to burn fat and reshape your muscles (in just 20 minutes per day!). The three all-cardio workouts feature basic movements taught in an easy-to-follow add-on style. The two aero/tone interval programs alternate body-sculpting with fat-burning. The five toning workouts are each focused on a specific technique or goal. Using classic moves, some work your entire body while others target just one muscle group (e.g. abs or lower body). The toning is especially effective because each band has a different resistance level (so it’s easy to match the band to a specific exercise). As always, Stephanie is friendly and supportive. Set also includes a 32-page nutrition/motivation booklet. ©2010
This set comes with 10 DVD’s and 3 bands (each a different resistence)and is just what someone who hasn’t exercised in a while needs. She moves quickly through the 20 minute videos and the moves make sure you get the most from your 20 minutes. They are easy but do make you sweat and when you get better at it you move up to a stronger band. I followed the meal plan along with the videos and lost about 3 pounds a week. Her meal plan is not like others. She has plenty of carbs and variety so it isn’t hard to stick to it. For the money this is one everyone should try.
This set has 3 cardio workouts and 7 compound strength workouts.I use a 6″ step instead of the band on the floor for the cardio step moves and it really bumps up the intensity! If you are used to the Firm and Stephanie as a Firm Master Instructor-you will recognize her excellent cueing and her choreography. These are excellent, time-efficient programs. I am used to working out so I do not follow the workout schedule. I usually would do 2 of these workouts back to back for one workout session. I use these in conjuction with many other workout DVDs in my collection. I never follow pre-set rotations-I get too bored and need variety. I would use these on a weekly basis in my rotation for sure. I really like Stephanie as an instructor and her workouts are safe and effective!

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