Stephanie Huckabee’s PowerFit DVDRip AVI Audio English This deluxe set includes a four-foot resistance band plus five balanced, goal-focused workouts. Stephanie’s friendly cuing and easy-to-follow moves make each program both motivating and effective (they’re all taught in a similar style as the original “The Firm” workouts — smooth transitions, eight-count choreography and lots of multi-muscle exercises). The four toning DVDs use the resistance band to add intensity while challenging your body in diverse ways. Each workout targets a specific area: “core,” “legs & shoulders,” “chest, triceps and butt” or “back, biceps and thighs.” The cardio DVD burns fat with a varied mix of classic moves like step touches, grapevines and knee lifts. Very high quality production. ©2009. Level: Beginner/Intermediate. Total length of all workouts: 98 minutes.
I originally purchased this set for my daughter to get her started exercising. It comes with a resistance band and only required 20 minutes of time. The amount of time makes for an easy committment. Well, I also purchased the series for myself so I would be able to share the expereince with my daughter. I did not expect to like it as much as I did as I am a more advanced exerciser. However, I have immensely enjoyed the workout. The moves are not overly complicated and Stephanie cues well. A little samba here and there but over all straight forward. The 5 disc set ( 1 disc each day for 5 days)does not waste a lot of time getting started nor are the introductions to the fellow exercisers at all long. She is quick and moves on to the next routine without wasting your time. I have Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, but can’t stand the slow talking and the slow introductions and the slow getting to the exercise and the slow constant yapping…it bores me to tears. Stephanie is a joy to work with and therefore I actualy look forward to the workout! By Elizabeth Swan

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