Oxford – New Headway Intermediate Video Book (PDF AVI)


The first four levels of a new video series to accompany the New Headway.
How can it be used?
* As an additional component to the New Headway.
* As a supplement to any course at the appropriate level.
Who is it for?
* Upper secondary to adult students.
Key features
* Each level consists of six self-contained comedy stories looking at the lives and misadventures of four people in their twenties who share a house. * The syllabus is closely linked to the New Headway. Each episode provides a natural context to consolidate the grammatical, functional and lexical areas covered by the course, and to develop listening skills. * Key language is controlled and contextualized throughout. * Each episode provides clear grammar and functional language, with an emphasis on developing communicative skills. * The video is supported by an Activity Book for students and a Video Guide for teachers.

Read more: http://www.thuvienso.info/index.php/component/thuvientructuyen/chitiet/xem/4526/oxford-new-headway-intermediate-video-book-pdf-avi-#ixzz1pXg5thLD


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